Freedoms of Summer

Summer this year will mean freedom from the homework I’ve had over the last nine months while I pursued a professional certificate in technical writing from the UW.  I’m glad for the certificate, but I am done with scheduled night classes!

Freedom to do yard work every weekend, dry herbs, and indulge in my new passion of canning.

Freedom to come home after work every night!  Time to bake on weeknights!

Best of all, freedom once again to immerse myself in my fiction writing and online classes, as I hope to acquire the PRO status under RWA’s new rules.

But the toughest freedom of all to attain will be breaking my self-imposed need for accomplishment and  constant pursuit of achievement.  First and foremost, allowing my body to sit still  so my mind is free to dash around and  work on plotting. This struggle will be the most difficult, but is the breakthrough I want before fall so I have focus and direction for my writing, and the sense that I will be ready to pitch a story in 2016!



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