With freedom from night classes just around the corner, I haves so many opportunities I hardly know where to focus.

Kindle Worlds? What a great chance to delve into a series and then try my hand at creating a story. Practice at writing a novella, too!  And reading to really delve into another author’s work.

A Christmas novella? I love Christmas novellae (as a Classics major I can’t help but use the Latin plural.) Such happy stories to write, and because I usually find even my book budget in lock-down at the end of the year, it is something I’ve dabbled in. Can’t buy as much as another 99 cent story, so write a story!

Contest judging. I was fortunate enough to find a contest that accepts unpublished judges. What a wonderful way to really learn how to write by fully analyzing another’s skills in the craft.

More online classes! I have found classes offered by chapters of RWA to be an outstanding value, as well as excellent instruction. Classes focused on the romance genre benefit me the most, and there are a lot of very talented instructors sharing their knowledge.

Article writing for BRMI–another opportunity to stretch my thinking, challenge myself monthly (!), and reach readers

Finally, this week I discovered the generosity of the online RWA chapter I now belong to–offers to help with plotting.  I’ve long wanted to be part of a group of writers who go on a retreat.  What if the online chapter could have a virtual retreat?   Maybe I’ll ask about it later this summer.



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