What Have We Learned This Week?

The week started out with euphoria. I had an article accepted for publication, my husband received heart-warming news in the mail, and we celebrated his 40th birthday.

But the same day most of this happened also brought each of us devastating news that struck at the heart of deep fears.  Why does it seem that so often such joy comes with a conjoined twin of anguish?

My stories combine romance and mystery, and my characters face equally conflicting emotions. By writing about them I find strength, and through my experiences I hope my writing gains authenticity.

Mystery brings angst and anxiety–who did it?   Is someone after me?  What do they want?  Why?  Romance can also send the heart soaring to heaven, and dash it to hell in the next heart beat.  Mystery and romance are genres I love, and combining them feels right.

By  the end of the week everything worked out well, but I know I, at least, regret that I panicked to the point of physical illness.

What did we learn this week?  Breathe, exhale, wait.

That and, I can’t take three classes at the same time, at least not when one of them requires learning and using new software every week.


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