Give Me a “W”!

I first learned about the “W” plotting method at an ECWC workshop taught by Ann Charles and Wendy Delaney, two of my favorite authors.

Somewhere else I recently read about an author who starts her plotting by listing 25 things that need to happen in her story, then using the W plot (a great video here by Mary Carroll Moore that explains the method), she maps out the first draft.

Plot is driving me nuts and causing all sorts of anxiety and self-doubts, so I’m taking a couple of days off to work on my plot.  Hopefully I will feel better about my story plan so I will get back to regular writing, and plotting is just plain fun.  It’s time to indulge.

Helping this process is the fantastic cozy mystery online class that I’m currently taking.  I’m now confident that a cozy with romance is my genre.  One decision down and now I can focus on the story.

Next month (just a couple of days away, woo hoo!) another online class I’ve signed p for is starting–Murder in the Kitchen.  I have a caterer in my story, and my protagonist often helps her caterer friend, making this another perfect class for me.

I plan to plot using lots of differently colored stickies for ideas and then move them around my “W”, and once I’m happy, put the outline in Scrivener, my writing software of choice.

So give me a “W”!

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