Keeping Up

Some days I need a little blue pill for my brain. Now that I’ve completed my certificate courses I thought I would easily be able to manage two online courses at once. How wrong I am.

But what to do–take only one class and really focus on it, and miss another great class; or take two classes and at least get all the great information to digest later? Uh huh, and when is later? When I’m not taking a class?  Not likely to happen.  When I’m not writing? Uh, wasn’t taking classes so I can improve my writing and better express my stories?  Is later when I not trying to be a semi-decent committee chair? Or doing that day job?

How can I keep up?

A couple of ideas come to mind (yes, the same mind that can’t keep up.)  First, goals.  Get clear on what they are, don’t fear them, and tackle them one bite at a time.

Speaking of bites…better nutrition.  I have to confess to food boredom.  Pizza?  Meh.  Donuts?  Not likely.  Burger and fries?  Never.  Oh, poor me, huh?  But I’m missing out of beneficial foods.  Fortunately there is my local PCC, Puget Consumers Co-op, to the rescue with great classes, recipes, and high quality foods.  Foods my brain needs to function better and to focus.

Focus.  That is my goal this week!  I’m stuck on my plot and maybe afraid I don’t know where it is going now that I have learned so much from classes in the past year.  But I’m going to face it head on.  And with one class ending, I only have one to focus on.  Perfect!

But there’s this murder in the kitchen class I’m looking at for July…  🙂


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