Life Resembles Fiction

Writing romance/mystery fiction both benefits and combines my day job with the rest of my life, and I love that I can practice this skill no matter what I’m doing.

First, and most importantly, both my work and my writing focus on relationships!  By day I’m a Business Relationship Manager, and the rest of the time I’m thinking about how to craft a mystery with romance.  (I know, romance is mysterious so it’s a bit redundant isn’t it? 🙂 )

Writing has built my confidence where nothing else in over five decades has succeeded.  The experiences I’ve had with GSRWA and the people I’ve met at chapter meetings and our great conference, ECWC, have given me stellar examples of how a woman can overcome great obstacles, not least of all the ones that are self-imposed!

Plotting (I’m a plotter vs pantser) has sharpened my ability for deeper and broader thinking, and significantly increased my attention to detail. “But, then”…”yes, and”…”what if?”–the ability to imagine various outcomes or to explore a topic in greater depth is exactly what the current fad of “improv” for the workplace is all about, and exactly how a novel is developed.

Writing skill is foundational for the craft as well as in my day job.  My writing is now not only much more finely tuned, but continues to grow with every class I take.  Not only am I always in an online class, but I’ve just completed a nine-month technical writing certificate at the UW.  Whether writing fiction or to explain technical subjects, the focus is still on reaching your audience.

Fiction writing is daunting because it is new to me and I want to succeed.  It’s hard to let myself be a beginner at my age, but I love the constant learning, the challenges and goals I’m setting for myself, and now and then even believing I just might see my work published.



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