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Defining Romance

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How to show intimacy in romance? Intimacy isn’t just about sex.  Googling for ‘intimacy’ certainly returns a lot of skin.  But scroll a little further down the results and here’s a gem:  “Intimacy is not purely physical.  It’s the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul.”

Now that’s what I’m looking for, but with a slight twist–Intimacy is trusting someone so deeply, you feel that you can let them see your soul

Other descriptions that resonate for me:  Intimacy is based on shared vulnerability…experiences we share when we feel flayed…our partner is there with us, willing to share the scary stuff.

Adding to my definition:  Intimacy is sharing your fear with your partner and knowing he has your back.

So, Elle, my heroine.  What deep, terrifying, dark secret holds you back?  What is more terrifying when brought to light?  Maybe as you dig into your family history and find that the truth has been wrapped in lies [hmmm, like that blanket wrapping the bones?  Exactly like that].  As the lies fall away, your very existence and being are stripped of belief.  How can Matt love you when you aren’t even who you thought you were?  A good working start for the first draft, anyway.

But what about Matt?  What terrifies him?  What exposes his soul?  It’s the Deep Story Magic approach that needs to be fully mulled over this summer.  Ah, delicious indulgence!

After yesterday’s fantastic GSRWA meeting I also have a far better way to give the villain page time, getting to know him (or is it her?).

Up front and personal with a developing story is where this blog is going now, how intimate is that!?