If one is to follow the advice to “write what you know”, what better reason to get out and have experiences!  Being shy all my life and raised to believe that I’m not as good as other people, I’ve held myself back from experiencing a lot of things.  Now in the second half of my life, and thanks to my desire to write stories, I have the best reason to bury all of that thinking and try new things(and burying things plays an important part of my family history mystery)!

A recent writing class gave me insight into what it is like in a commercial kitchen–excellent knowledge to gain since one of my characters is an assistant to a very successful, high-end caterer.

I’m considering writing for a Kindle World series, and one of the things I enjoy most about cozy  mysteries is feeling like you are right in the location where the story takes place.  So this weekend hubby and I went on a Savor Seattle tour–yum and fun!  Wanting to write this story really makes me think about what I would want to bring to someone who is experiencing Seattle between the cover of a book.  A fun exercise in itself!

One of my other characters has an emerald green thumb, a few chickens (named after the three Greek muses), and a bee hive (that she rents until she feels confident enough to manage it on her own).  This weekend Seattle Tilth had a fabulous “Chicken Coup and Urban Farm Tour”.  We were able to see several yards where there were bees, chickens, and gardens.  Educational not only for my story, but my own life.

The wonderful experiences I now allow myself to enjoy are making me a better writer, and a more confident person.  Yes, you can learn new things–a lot of new things–later in life.


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