Getting it Done

Well, not much writing got done, but I did step up to the barre (not a typo as we’ll see later), and conquer a lot of things I’ve been putting off. It feels good to get those done, and gives me a better body and mind.

The first thing I did was start PT following thyroid surgery I had last December.  My neck ROM hasn’t returned yet, but after just two PT sessions I’m already seeing excellent results.  Not being able to turn my head fully is now the exception rather than the norm.  Sessions are three times weekly with a lot of daily exercises, but just for a month and the bonus I’m getting is training on how to do a lot of exercises better.  Best of all, I learned super planks.  Awesome, just awesome!

Second I finally went to the local high-end mall and canvased for raffle basket donations for our ECWC conference.  I’m only situationally shy, and this is one of those situations, but I did it and made personal connections with a lot of the people I spoke with–practicing my relationship skills for both writing and my day job–another bonus!

Finally, I signed up for barre classes, and the first one I tried was Pure Barre.  Wow, that’s a workout, and I’m no slouch when it comes to exercise!  Next week I’m trying Barre 3 to see which one I want to continue with.

I had to jump into these things and toss procrastination aside.  But accomplishing them has given me confidence and more determination.  I did find time to do some plotting and thinking about how to develop the relationship for h/h in my story in the early hours of the morning today.

Time will be a huge challenge this week, but I know somehow the important things will get done if I stop worrying so much and just get started.


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