What do we believe and why?  Are our beliefs based on our experiences?  On what others have told us?  On their experiences?  What happens when our beliefs crumble, turn out false?

My protagonist will be forced to dig up family history to counter a threat to her home and life.  There is always the unknown in families, and the unspoken.  Even the family bible can’t be trusted for the truth.  What about the child born out of wedlock?  The stillborn?  The deformed?  Today these situations aren’t closeted or  shunned as they usually were when my grandmother was growing up.

And what about the forgotten?  Memories faded, or suppressed.  Perhaps memories reshaped over time and repeated to ourselves so often they become our only own reality.

All of these situations shape what we grow up believing so firmly that it is accepted as fact, assumed to be true.  We accept it without question.  But what happens when you question your beliefs?  When you look into the truth, lies, or misperceptions behind them?  Who are we then?

I love family mysteries, and every family has skeletons in the closet.  Locked closets, concealed closets, forgotten closets, denied closets.  It’s time for her, Elle, to find out who her family really is.


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