Archive | August 2015

Drawing on Fiction Writer’s Creativity at Work

Fiction writing techniques lend themselves perfectly in the workplace, too. Creativity plays a big part in my work as a Customer Relationship Manager, as well as at night writing my romantic mystery.

Listening to customer requirements and then creating a project plan is a lot like plotting–you know how the story starts and ends, but the hardest part is managing the “muddle in the middle”.  Crafting unrealistic customer expectations into project plans draws on the techniques writers use to sharpen their plot, “Yes, and… But then…What if?…”, to draw out the real needs behind the surface request.

Just as you need a first draft of a novel before you can revise and share with critique partners, so too, you need the first draft of your project proposal before you can have a colleague read your work making sure it is ready to submit for customer review.

Reaching your audience, whether it is customers or readers, requires you to hone your craft–writing, revising, and editing for clarity.  I’m lucky to be able to use both of my UW certificates in writing–technical and popular fiction–every day.  Fiction and project proposals benefit from both styles!  Every project is a customer’s story, and every story is plotted with keen attention to the overall project.