Poem in Progress

This week I read a writing exercise that reminded me of an earlier goal I had for my writing. In a Writers Digest article by Jan Ellison she mentions that her practice is to start each day by working on a poem in progress.  I find poetry is a beautiful way to get into the emotion of a scene, using every sense in unexpected ways.  I love Ellison’s idea and have already started practicing it.  My poem in progress can be a morning reflection as much as it is a warm up exercise.

Imagery in writing is luscious.  Emotion is piqued in unexpected ways, bringing a small gasp of surprise to the reader or a smile to her face.  A hero’s eyes aren’t just blue–they are azure pools, lapis gems, indigo depths.  A foggy morning sits heavy on the earth in an ashen shroud or wraps the ground in silvery mystique depending on one’s outlook.

I love the way this poem in progress allows me to stretch my imagination and develop skills to see and describe things in different ways; it’s both refreshing and invigorating for my mind.  And it is a sweet indulgence to start my day as few others do, knowing that I’ve stolen a few moments to make this day mine, seeing it in a way only I can and putting that into poetry.


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