The Abyss

Why have I stopped posting regularly?  Why have I let cruel, uncaring, thoughtless people destroy my spirit?  It’s time to push those villains off a cliff (metaphorically)!

How to find my way back?  By finding meaning in daily events, finding connections between life and fiction.  Common advice to writers is to “Write what you know”, but what does that mean?  Does it mean that every writer who pens a novel about espionage really knows how it is to hunt down master criminals in foreign countries?

I know some of these authors and I know this is not the case. Writing thrillers with extreme suspense, criminals, and violence isn’t for me anyway.   Writing romantic fiction allows me all the room I want for exploring emotion, and emotion is so personal that it gets to the very core of what an author strives to do, which is to reach the reader.

Allowing myself to step back and really experience how an emotion feels, how my body reacts, what thoughts I have, and what ensues is an indulgence.  But it is an indulgence that allows me to grow, and to write better scenes and character motivations.  It is a path to personal and professional development.  If along that path a few bodies happen to fall into an abyss, well, at least it isn’t my body.  <insert evil grin>


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