And We’re Back!

Had my head down while I was working hard and dealing with life, but enough about that. Some amazing things have happened! It has been a dream of mine to go to a writers’ retreat to work hard, share ideas, and come back with progress made. Well, I’m going! Woo hoo! And it’s daunting. The hard work, people–including a masterful writer–looking and my work and commenting. A moment please while I faint…

Second, I submitted my first contest entry! Results will be announced in mid-May. Since it is my first entry I’m just hoping I don’t get back comments like “Seriously? This is a story?”  🙂

Third, I made RWA PRO! OMG! This calls for a cupcake and the one I bought Friday night wasn’t satisfying, so you know what? I’m getting another one! I’ve been bouncing off the walls enough to burn off calories for a third if I must. 🙂

Thank you RWA, GSRWA, FTHRW, my new retreat friends, and of course hubby, who never had any doubts.

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