You Don’t Learn to Cook by Eating in Good Restaurants

Giving myself a little pep talk this week and relating learning to write with learning to cook. No matter how much great food you eat, you’ll never learn to cook until you get in the kitchen, read a recipe, learn about ingredients, and get a few pots dirty.

So it is with writing. You’ll never learn to write until you put fingers to keyboard create characters, plot a story, write your scenes with goal-motive-conflict and sensory detail, and then burn a few drafts when you edit. It can be as difficult to digest as that first attempt at tuna noodle casserole. 🙂

But you take a few classes, learn about techniques, get to know your ingredients, and one day your husband or friends say “not bad!”.

I’m cooking up contest entries and the plot for my romantic suspense that I will write during Cherry Adair’s Finish The Damn Book challenge next month.

And to have more time for writing, I’m getting really good at those one-pot meals!

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