Naturally Romance

I certainly didn’t start out to write romance stories, in fact I had never read a single romance in my life. Yet, my stories couldn’t exist without the heroine falling in love with the man who was perfect for her, protected her, and wanted to be part (a big part) of her happiness.   I felt foolish at first, an imposter; but then I realized how wonderful it really was that I came this route naturally.

Not knowing how to write a romance–the “rules” of love–I had a lot to learn.  I was learning to write:  plotting, pacing, showing vs telling, action/reaction, scene and sequel, even basic sentence mechanics, so adding the specifics of this genre served to give my learning focus and a target.  I love goals.

Starting as an avid cozy mystery reader, at first it seemed nothing really happened in romances.  Though I love those happily ever after endings!  But then I learned the depths of the intimate dance between emotion and conflict that was happening on the page whether the story involved cowboys, law enforcement, or the privileged upper class.  There is as much mystery in who these lovers are, how they came to be these people, and how they discover the magic in their life together to keep me as interested as finding out “who done it”.

There is so much to learn about writing a novel.  It’s daunting and quite frightening to put your thoughts out there for others to critique.  And have you thought about the discipline it takes to get your butt in the chair every day, feel the emotion you’re trying to write,  and create a setting?

I love this challenge and even more, the growth I see in myself.  The confidence I’ve gained and the new experiences enrich me personally and professionally.


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