I Came, I Met, I Pitched

This past weekend I attended my favorite conference, the Emerald City Writers’ Conference. I met a lot of new people and even talked to them. 🙂 Some of them are published authors, and everyone was extremely friendly and supportive.

Being busy behind the scenes, I was only able to attend a few sessions and they were all excellent. Gwen Hayes’ session on Romancing the Beat gave me so many things I want to check in my WIP.

Greta Hardin’s session on No Salad in the Middle Ages taught me to think more critically about food scenes in my WIP, especially how they can work harder to enhance the story.

Best of all? I pitched, and received invitations to submit! Thank you to both editors I talked to for being so gracious and offering thoughts for deepening the story I’m working on.

If you write romance I hope you will join us in 2017! Check out the conference on FaceBook. We’ll have pictures posted soon.

I have a lot of editing to do now!

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