About me

Lexa has only recently begun to find out who she is herself.  She started writing with the hope that it would keep her mind active in retirement and provide new ways to grow.  Retirement is still out there a ways, but growth has happened and shows no end!  Writing has opened more doors for personal as well as professional goals than has anything else in her life.

She came to the romance genre completely unexpectedly.  A wise fiction-writing instructor once noted that all stories have a relationship, and Lexa knew that her stories had to have people who fall in love, so she tried a meeting of her local RWA chapter, the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America.  It was love at first chapter meeting.  

A few years and many classes later, Lexa has finally submitted her first contest entry and been accepted as a PRO member within RWA.  Without a doubt, there is more growth to come this year!

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